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Painted Items Listed in RED

Part No Description Scale

Price (Aus$)

A06-701 Engineer  S 7.50
A06-738 Sitting Woman S 7.50
A06-739 Sitting Man S 7.50
A06-1101 Sitting Man in Suit Reading Paper O 6.50/8.50
A06-1101P Sitting Man in Suit Reading Paper (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1102 Man in Suit, Leaning O 6.50/8.50
A06-1103 Standing Fat Man O 6.50/8.75
A06-1103P Standing Fat Man O 6.50/8.75
A06-1104 Standing Man O 6.50/8.50
A06-1104P Standing Man (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1105 Standing Old Woman O 6.50/8.50
A06-1105P Standing Old Woman O 6.50/8.50
A06-1106 Standing Young Woman O 6.50/8.50
A06-1107 Old Man w/Cane O 6.50/8.50
A06-1107P Old Man w/Cane O 6.50/8.50
A06-1109 Flagman O 6.50/8.50
A06-1109P Flagman (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1110 Engineer O 6.50/8.50
A06-1110P Engineer (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1111P Conductor (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1112 Hobo with Bottle O 6.50/8.50
A06-1113 Hobo with Guitar O 6.50/8.50
A06-1115 Kissing Couple O 8.50/12.50
A06-1116 Walking Couple O 8.50/12.50
A06-1117 Sitting Young Woman O 6.50/8.50
A06-1117P Sitting Young Woman O 6.50/8.50
A06-1118 Sitting Old Woman O 6.50/8.50
A06-1118P Sitting Old Woman (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1119 Sitting Man O 6.50/8.50
A06-1119P Sitting Man (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1120 Sitting Man O 6.50/8.50
A06-1120P Sitting Man (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1121P Sitting Man (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1122 Standing Man O 6.50/8.50
A06-1123 Old Man with Apron O 6.50/8.50
A06-1124 Business Man  O 6.50/8.50
A06-1124P Business Man (painted) O 6.50/8.50
  [Arttista Figures 1101 to 1124]    
A06-1125 Woman Holding Baby O 6.50/8.50
A06-1126 Man in Suit with Foot up  O 6.50/8.50
A06-1127 Priest O 6.50/8.50
A06-1127P Priest O 6.50/8.50
A06-1128 Fat Nun O 6.50/8.50
A06-1129 Nun O 6.50/8.50
A06-1130 2 Cats O 6.25/7.50
A06-1131 2 Dogs O 5.75/7.75
A06-1132 2 Sitting Dogs O 6.25/8.25
A06-1132P 2 Sitting Dogs (painted) O 6.25/8.25
A06-1133 3 Standing Dogs  O 7.00/9.50
A06-1133P 3 Standing Dogs (painted) O 7.00/9.50
A06-1134 Bicycle (brass) O 9.75/11.00
A06-1135 Tricycle (brass)  O 9.75/11.00
A06-1136 Postman w/Dog O 7.00/10.00
A06-1137 Hobo Walking O 6.50/8.75
A06-1138 Man w/Shovel O 6.50/8.50
A06-1139 Shoe Shine Boy w/Box O 6.50/9.00
A06-1140 Baby Stroller with Baby (brass) O 9.75/11.00
A06-1141 Woman Pushing Baby Stroller (stroller not included) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1141P Woman Pushing Baby Stroller (stroller not included) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1142 Dog w/Hydrant O 6.50/8.50
A06-1143 Fireman O 6.50/8.50
  [Arttista Figures 1125 to 1143]    
A06-1144 Brakeman Riding O 6.50/8.50
A06-1144P Brakeman Riding (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1147 Telephone Lineman (climbing) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1148 Schoolboy O 6.50/8.50
A06-1149 Standing Man w/Clipboard O 6.50/8.50
A06-1150 Fat Man eating                                                            O 6.50/8.75
A06-1152  Man (to ride Bicycle)  O 6.50/8.50
A06-1153  Little Girl (to ride Tricycle) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1154 Old Man (for rocking chair) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1155 Woman (for rocking chair) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1156 Man Fishing O 6.50/8.50
A06-1156P Man Fishing O 6.50/8.50
A06-1157 Boy in Inner Tube O 6.50/8.50
A06-1158 2 Rocking Chairs O 8.00/9.50
A06-1159P 2 Chairs (painted) O 8.00/9.25
A06-1160 Park Bench O 6.50/8.50
A06-1163 Newspaper Vending Machine O 6.50/8.50
A06-1167 Standing Man w/Cigarette O 6.50/8.50
  [Arttista Figures 1144 to 1167]    
A06-1168 Standing Man w/Bottle O 6.50/8.50
A06-1169 Woman w/Laundry O 6.50/8.50
A06-1170 Man Pushing Broom (broom included) O 6.50/9.00
A06-1170P Man Pushing Broom (painted) O 6.50/9.00
A06-1175 Another Engineer O 6.50/8.50
A06-1175P Another Engineer (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1176 Sitting Man w/Bottle O 6.50/8.50
A06-1177P Standing Man - holding Suspenders (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1180 Industrial Platform Truck O 6.75/9.00
A06-1181 Man to Push Truck O 6.50/8.50
A06-1182 Dog House O 8.50/10.00
A06-1184 Standing Man looking at Watch O 6.50/8.50
A06-1185 Boy in Bathing Suit - jumping O 6.50/7.75
A06-1186 Blacksmith w/Anvil O 6.50/9.50
A06-1187 5 Parking Meters O 6.50/8.50
A06-1188 Man sleeping on Park Bench (no bench) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1189 Schoolgirl  O 6.50/8.50
  [Arttista Figures 1168 to 1189]    
A06-1190 Rowboat w/Oars O 12.50/16.50
A06-1191 Man to Row Boat O 6.50/8.50
A06-1192 Fishing Man Sitting O 6.50/8.50
A06-1194 Running Man w/Briefcase O 6.50/8.75
A06-1195 Station Attendant Checking Oil O 6.50/8.50
A06-1195P Station Attendant Checking Oil (painted) O 6.50/8.50
A06-1196 Man Swinging Sledge Hammer O 6.50/8.75
A06-1197 Man w/Shovel O 6.50/8.75
A06-1197P Man w/Shovel O 6.50/8.75
  [Arttista Figures 1190 to 1198]    

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